Bob The Builder Transforming Workbench £9.97 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Bob the Builder Transforming Workbench for £9.97 instead of £14.99.

My youngest son, Edward, was a huge Bob the Builder fan when he was little; he's six now and far too grown-up for Bob now, you understand, but I think he'd happily still play with it if he found himself somewhere that had one of these Bob the Builder Transforming Workbench.

It's suitable for young DIYers aged three years and older and contains everything they could possibly wish for:  a screwdriver, hammer, wrench, pliers, screws, nuts and bolts are all contained within a toolbox which converts into a workbench when you need to do some important DIY work.

The two reviews on Amazon are very good, both little lads it was bought for have thoroughly enjoyed playing with their Bob the Builder Transforming Workbench...

"I bought this workbench for my almost 2 year old son, last Christmas. He enjoys playing with it. Though plastic, I think it's very durable. Also I think it works wonders on his imagination as one day he's playing 'Bob' and the next he s playing 'chef' with these same tools!"

All of the usual Amazon delivery options are available to you: free with the SuperSaver option, which usually takes between three and four days, or varying amounts of money - the faster you want it, the more you'll need to pay.

Thanks to chesterdrawers at HUKD

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