Bob The Builder: Scoop Shaped Carry Case Plus 3 Vehicles £7.99 @ I Want One Of Those

If you have a young Bob the Builder fan in your family then you might want to take a look at the rather nice deal I Want One of Those have on this Scoop shaped case, that comes with three Bob the Builder vehicles - they're selling it for £7.99 instead of its original £34.99 

Ahhh, Bob the Builder - how is he?  I've not seen him for a fair while as my youngest is now 'too grown up for Bob'.  We had many happy times and Scoop and Dizzy were my favourites, along with Pilchard the cat.

This Bob the Builder Scoop shaped case opens up so you can store, up to, 15 take along Bob Vehicles and other Bob paraphernalia; it also comes with character stickers and three Bob the Builder vehicles, although (annoyingly) there's absolutely no info as to which three.

That said, if you have a crazy Bob fan to buy this for, I'm sure they won't mind which Bob vehicles are included because it's all BOB!!

There's no delivery to pay with I Want One of Those (still one of my favourite website names, ever) so £7.99 will be the total cost for your Bob the Builder Scoop shaped case and vehicles.

Thanks to missgem at HUKD

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