Bob The Builder Construction Set £15.00 @ Debenhams

17 February 2011

bobTheBuilderConstructionSet OH now this is a GREAT deal - this Bob the Builder Construction Set is usually £50, Debenhams are letting them go for £15.00

BOB the Builder...can he fix it? B-O-B the Builder...YES. HE. CAN!

If you've got a young Bob the Builder fan in your household, or extended family, then they're going to love this Bob the Builder Construction Set.

It sounds rather awesome with it's interactive, and rather smart, detection features.  You see, when you move various vehicles around the 'construction site' its cleverness detects who you've moved and various related phrases are spoken - tell me that's not cool.

This Bob the Builder Construction  Set has a working vehicle lift, you can turn handles to operate the crane, there's a cement mixer, Bob (of course) and three talking vehicles - from the picture they look like Scoop, Muck and Tumbler.

When you move either Scoop, Muck or Tumbler backwards or forwards a beep sounds, if you operate the lift you'll hear 'lift going UP!' I'd have loved that as a kid, a proper building site with noises and all sorts.

Delivery is free with Debenhams if you're happy to wait for four, or so, working days or you can arrange to collect it from your local store.

Thanks to tafa2004 at HUKD

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