Bin Weevils Bargains @ Amazon

Seriously, Bin Weevils?!! Who on earth decided that Bin Weevils would make GREAT toys for kids and managed to persuade some top toy execs that it was a winning idea?!

I've not come across them before (or if I have, I've managed to erase them from my memory!), I can't say they appeal very much, and I can guarantee that my youngest son probably loves them - I'll have to ask him.

However, if you know all about them and are in the market for some, then you need to head over to Amazon - you'll be able to bag yourself some Bin Weevil bargains.

There are  three Bin Weevils up for grabs for a decent price - talking plush ones, for £4.05 instead of £14.99.  Apparently, having asked my good friend Google, the whole Bin Weevil things came about from a short on Nikelodeon (where else!) and spawned an entire culture all of its own.

You can create your own Bin Weevil online, interact with other Bin Weevils, play games and chat.  It sounds a bit like Moshi Monsters to me, only more disgusting sounding!  They're certainly not my cup of tea, but if they're yours - well, your child's, at least - then good luck to you!

Thanks to Netto1 at HUKD

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