Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Inline Scooter £14.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Ben 10 Ultimate Alien inline scooter for £14.99 rather than its original £24.99.

I was a little late to the Ben 10 party it has to be said. I kept seeing Ben 10 stuff EVERYWHERE - Ben 10 clothes, Ben 10 figures, Ben 10 bubble bath, Ben 10 towels, Ben 10 bikes and Ben 10 scooters.

At the time, my youngest was still into Thomas and Bob the Builder so I didn't pay a great deal of attention to whatever, or whoever, this Ben 10 was; then I found a deal for something Ben 10 and figured I should find out what I was going to be talking about.

My youngest caught Ben 10 fever shortly after that, and that's really the only way to describe the hoo-hah surrounding the boy (now teenage) alien hunter, and my life and bank balance haven't been the same since.

It has a printed, anti-slip footboard and the handle height is adjustable and has a quick-fold mechanism, making it nice and easy to fold up and put in the boot of the car if you want to scoot around somewhere a little further away from home.

The Ben 10 Ultimate Alien inline scooter is suitable for young scooters aged three years or over and it features a rear foot brake too - handy when they're rushing along at a great rate of knots and need to STOP!!!

You can arrange for free in-store collection or pay £5.95 for delivery.

Thanks to joeseager at HUKD

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