Before & After 5 Drinking Glass £15.99 @ Prezzybox

28 July 2017
Before & After 5 Drinking Glass

Looking for a Birthday gift for the person who has everything, or a gift for the wine lover in your life? Then how about this Before And After 5 Novelty Drinking Glass from Prezzybox? It's on offer at £15.99, down from £18.99.

This fun glass has a mug shape on the Before 5 side for those all-important caffeine fixes through the day time, and come 5pm you just flip it over and use the wine glass on the After 5 end!

Do you know anyone who would appreciate the humour in this fun item? Plus it saves space in your cupboards and cuts down on washing up!

My first thought was that I wish 5pm was wine o'clock, as that's far too early to have the kids in bed in this house. I suppose one can dream...

Home delivery costs £3.95.


  • Marie A.

    we need these! :coffee::wine_glass:

  • Candice R.

    5pm is a strict cut off isn't it????? :joy::joy::joy::joy: x

  • Tracey R.


  • Tracy M.

    Maybe have to wait until 5 past 5 on a working day :joy::joy: xx

  • Lynsey R.

    Oh I so need one of them in my life!! :ok_hand_tone1: x

  • Tracy G.

    OMG defo, they are a must lol :-) x

  • Andrew T.

    Blasphemy. Only need a wine glass

  • Debbie M.

    Hahaha! Yes!!!! Perfect :joy:

  • Chrissie S.

    Can we alter the time slightly though - I made need to swap before 5 :joy:

  • Corinne P.

    Hahaa I need one myself now :joy: but it need to be after 2pm hahahaha xx

  • Caszie R.

    There is always a5pm somewhere

  • Donna W.

    Perfect gift for me that :joy:

  • Debbie H.

    Love it, my cup of tea & then switch it 4 a glass of rose.

  • Adelle O.

    Brilliant! And, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere:grinning:

  • Charlene W.

    Looks good to me, although I might get them confused some days

  • Samantha T.

    What's this 5 about? :thinking::joy:

  • Sharon M.

    So need this glass :joy::joy:

  • Caroline D.

    Oh that's so me!!!! :joy: xx

  • Penny B.

    After 3pm more like :joy::joy::joy::joy: xxx

  • Denise P.

    On my Christmas list. :grinning:

  • Sandra W.

    Omg I sooooo need this lol xx

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