Batman Egg Cup, Toast Cutter & Spoon Set £5 @ Matalan

Batman Egg Cup, Toast Cutter & Spoon Set £5 @ Matalan

EDIT: Out of stock

Batman fans are going to love this Batman Egg Cup Set, and it's just £5 at Matalan! That's by far the best price I have ever seen this set, and you can click and collect for free as well.

This is an official DC Comics product featuring the caped crusader himself and would make a brilliant gift or Secret Santa for superhero fans.

You get the Batman Egg Cup with a Mask to pop on your egg, an Egg Spoon that Batman can hold for you, and a Toast Cutter. The Toast Cutter is pretty wonderful as you can make little toast bats to dip into your egg!

This set is normally £7.99 or more plus delivery, so Matalan have by far the best price at £5 with free click and collect.

Thanks to mbriz


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  • Tracey P.

    Looks good but doesn't cut through toast xx

    • Sharon W.

      Yeah same we have it but not good for cutting though the toast

    • Georgia B.

      I love this :) just brought it for my friends kid for his birthday. Think I should get myself one lol

      • Zoe M.

        Omg calvin would love this. I made him egg and soldiers a few weeks ago and he couldn't get enough xx

        • Santina C.

          Cheers love. Cute stocking present. Wonder if they do a princess one (for me) :joy:

          • Lynsey B.

            Haha i made eggs this morning and was thinking of this!!xx

            • Emily S.

              Awww oscar would love that xx

              • Emily S.

                I'm guna have a look today :relaxed: xx

                • Chloë L.

                  this is the best thing ever!! xx

                  • Lyndsey E.

                    Omg I want them but I can't eat bread :weary::weary:

                    • Emma-louise L.

                      Logan has this and he loves it lol

                      • Marie L.

                        Out of stock - gutted!!!!!

                        • Kristy-Ellen M.

                          I have this indoors. Which is the ultimate torment because I don't like dippy eggs :sob::sob::sob::sob:

                          • Tracey S.

                            That's crackin init it lol

                            • Paula B.

                              sold out again :cry::cry::cry:

                              • Phoebe M.

                                Ahah I love it Steven got me this for Christmas last year

                                • Emily B.

                                  Ooh that's brill! Tho what a waste of toast hahah

                                  • Emily K.

                                    It's actually really cute x

                                    • Tanya R.

                                      I'm very tempted to buy this lol

                                      • Sameer B.

                                        Taking my omelettes to another level

                                        • Matt D.