Basic Baby Born With Walking Dog And Sledge £29.99 @ Sainsburys

I can't help it, this Baby Born with Walking Dog and Sledge is so bizarre I have to tell you about it, AND if you have a little girl who likes this Baby Born then it's a good price too - now £29.99 rather than £59.98.

So, a group of designers will have come up with this Baby Born with Walking Dog and Sledge, presented it to a board of marketing execs who have all said, "That's GREAT! Let's make it!"

Please someone tell me how! It wouldn't be so bad if the dog was to scale - it's supposed to be a St Bernard and you know how HUGE they are! They're the giant bears of the canine world, this one...isn't!

And since when do babies go for jolly jaunts on their sledges being towed along by their undersized St Bernard?  What really struck me as random was the fact that, also included with the Baby Born with Walking Dog and Sledge is a collection of medical accessories!

What are they for?!  Bandaging doggy paws if they step on something sharp, or perhaps a plaster for Baby Born's elbow if she should fall off the sledge because the naughty doggy was going too fast?  Or just being prepared for any medical emergency they should happen across?!

The two AA batteries needed to allow the dog to walk are included and the Baby Born with Walking Dog and Sledge is only suitable for little ones aged three years and over.

It's all just a bit weird for my taste, but GREAT if you have a little girlie who loves dogs and dolls!

Thanks to daisymeisha10 at HUKD

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