Bakugan Bakutin Gift Set £6.45 @ Tesco

If you get yourself organised and order this Bakugan Bakutin gift set, then it might arrive at your local Tesco in time for you to collect it on Monday - OR you could you always pop into store and see if they have them on the shelves already...if you're desperate enough and don't mind losing the will to live, supermarkets at this time of year just strike fear into the very core of my heart *shudder*

Anyway, the Bakugan Bakutin gift set will set you back £6.45; the rrp is showing at £18.75, although there is some debate about the accuracy of that over on HUKD.

Bakugans - I did NOT get them at all.  My youngest son, Edward, went through an obsessive Bakugan phase a couple of years ago and although he tried his best to explain them to me, they still remain a mystery to me to this very day!

Whether or not you understand all things Bakugan, what's dead easy to  get your head around is this: the Bakugan Bakutin is a metal tin, with a clear lid, which holds six Bakugan. Each tin comes with one Bakugan, five ability cards and five metal gate cards.

See, if you have no clue about Bakugan, you're going to be none the wiser - just trust that your little Bakugan fan will think it's GREAT.

Thanks to Dippidh at HUKD

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