Babydan Gate-To-Go Travel Safety Gate £14.99 Was £29.99

Babydan Gate-To-Go Travel Safety Gate £14.99 Was £29.99

Babydan Gate-To-Go Travel Safety Gate

Ah, baby gates. You pretty much can't live without them once your baby is on the move, but they're rarely a bargain buy. Until now - this pink BabyDan Gate-to-Go is half price at Babies R Us right now, reduced from £29.99 to £14.99. That's a particularly lovely deal if you need two - one for the top of the stairs and one for the bottom - as you're effectively getting two stair gates for the price of one.

My heart always sinks when it's baby gate time because it always means drills and DIY which generally ends in arguments. But maybe that's just our house. But this is a pressure mounted stair gate which means it should be easy to assemble without any need for power tools OR DIY-related rows. That means it's particularly handy for when you're away from home and can't exactly start drilling into the property.

It's fabric-covered, which is also great if you've got a little one who delights in banging their heads on walls when they're in a strop (yes, I've got one of those) and the double-locking feature adds extra peace of mind, too.

This stair-gate comes in a storage bag and it's apparently lightweight and portable, all of which makes it a great travel option.

Home delivery costs £4.95 or you can order one online using the link above, and opt to collect it in-store at no additional charge.

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