Baby Accessories 15% Off @ BabyRug : PlayPennies Exclusive

Winter can be so tough on babies, with all the weather changes going from the house to the car, in and out of shops and everything in between. It's hard enough as an adult getting changed all the time, but at least we have control over it! BabyRug sell awesome baby blankets and a host of other baby related products, all of which are reduced for PlayPennies readers with this exclusive Babyrug coupon code.

Stay warm and cosy in a Babyrug

  • Discount: 15%
  • Expires: 31 December 2012
  • Discount Code: PLAYBR

When my daughter was a newborn we hand a BabyRug for her, and I loved the ease of getting her in and out of the car seat and into the sling without having to change her, dress or undress her. I could take her out of the sling and lay her on the bed without fuss, and didn't have to worry about her over heating as I could just open the blanket a little and she'd be warm and toasty. I got the next size up when she was older, as winter was approaching and she was constantly losing socks - with the BabyRug, her toes stayed warm - bonus for me.

BabyRug also offer summer wear, baby wraps, bedtime and winter baby blankets, clothes and accessories, and with 15% off and shipping until 21 December, you still have time to make sure a special mum and baby receive a useful, practical and fantastic first Christmas present that they'll appreciate much more than another 'baby's first' ornament!

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