Angelsounds Fetal Heart Monitor £15.49 @ Amazon

Angelsounds Fetal Heart Monitor £15.49 @ Amazon

angelsoundsFetalHeartMonitorI had one of these Angelsounds fetal heart monitors when I was pregnant with my youngest; Amazon are currently selling them for £15.49 instead of £39.99.

I never really enjoyed being pregnant very much, but one of the things I always looked forward to were scans and hearing the baby's heartbeat when I went to see the midwife.

I loved the sound of that beat so much that I bought an Angelsounds fetal heart monitor.

It can be used from 12 weeks onwards and you can even record your baby's heartbeat using the recording cable, I have my son's heartbeat on my iPod, iPhone and computer and backed up in a hundred million other places too!

The one thing I would say, is that at 12 weeks I found it tricky sometimes to pick up his heartbeat regularly and I had to try very hard not to allow panic and thoughts of 'there's something wrong!' to take over.

Please treat this as more of an entertainment item (for want of a better word) than a foolproof medical device - you really must go to your midwife for that.

That said, I loved messing around with my Angelsounds fetal heart rate monitor and listening in on the little devil that was kicking and elbowing the living daylights out of me, it was lots of fun.

Thanks to archovate at HUKD


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