Alphabet Learning Owl £12.50 @ ELC

Alphabet Learning Owl £12.50 @ ELC


Time to learn the alphabet? This Alphabet Learning Owl is £12.50 at ELC – half price from the usual £25.

I've been astounded by how my little girl has picked up words from her 'computer'. Dog, cat, bird and all their associated sounds, as well as aeroplane, boat and car – so I can just imagine how well this Alphabet Owl would work.

As you can see, it's an owl plush toy which is easy to hold and carry. He plays eight melodies and has five fun interactive games which help to familiarise your child with letters, sounds, words and melodies. The Alphabet Owl games also include word spell, first letter, find it and musical fun.

Your child can sing along with simple action rhymes which younger children can clap to and older children can join in on the actions.

Two reviewers gave it five stars each, with one saying: "She also likes the fact that he says hello and goodbye to her and this is a clever way to start the interaction. The games are well put together and play randomly, and if a mistake is made the Owl will assist after 3 or 4 attempts and provide the answer to help the learning process. There are still things that I am discovering that he can do! I would thoroughly recommend the Learning Owl - he's fab and very good value for money."

The Alphabet Learning Owl takes 4 x AA batteries.


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