Addictaball Large Maze Puzzle Game £9.19 @ Amazon

23 November 2010

Addictabal Amazon

An activity ball to keep everyone entertained, the Addictaball Puzzle Game is only £9.19 at Amazon, a saving of 23%

This is one of those annoying games that you keep going back to cause you just have to beat it. It gets passed around the lounge on Christmas day and everyone gets in to it, laughing at each other's misfortune while clambering to have their turn.

The 3D maze has 138 numbered tricky stages to guide the ball through. There are flips, spirals, drops, swinging arm features and more which complicate the game and impede the ball's journey from start to finish. Each challenges your dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination and patience more than the last.

The ball itself is 19cm in diameter.

I had to laugh at a comment left on Amazon, by Mr. Parnell “It is frustrating, has reduced my nine year old to tears, my sixteen year old using language that should not (be) said in front of his mother, and me a tad over 21 sulking like a five year old, but we love it and even after having it for over two months one of us is always playing with it.”

Two months fun for the family at under £10? Count me in!

Thanks to Plum at HUKD

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