2-in-1 Bubble & Water Blaster £2.09 @ Sainsbury's

bubble machine I'm not sure I know what to make of the 2-in-1 Bubble & Water Blaster. It is a toy that blows bubbles and shoots water, I presume at the same time. My friend has just ordered five of them, for her son's birthday next year. He has a summer birthday, and they usually have a party in the park. So these would make great party toys! At £2.09 each, marked down from £6.99, I guess you can't go wrong. Delivery is free if you can collect from a store.

The site also suggests that these would be great for playing about in the garden and to add a bit of fun to play dates. The pack includes one Bubble Machine and an 4oz Bubble Solution. It does require two AA batteries to work, and these are not included.

The same toy is available on Amazon for just £1.95. However, it isn't sold through Amazon but one of its sellers, and the delivery is a rather astonishing £5.15!

I think I'd need to see one of these in action before I decided if they were a good idea or not. At this price you can experiment a little bit, which is good. Otherwise I'd probably just go for a pack of water pistols from the pound shop and bubble mix. You can pick up those wand kit things from the pound shop too, and they're always a big hit at parties and playdates.

What do you think?

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