28 Sharpie Permanent Markers £4.95 @ Tesco Direct

28 Sharpie Permanent Markers £4.95 @ Tesco Direct

Tesco have slashed the price of this set of 28 Sharpie Permanent Markers from £21 to a crazy £4.95! They were already a bargain at £7.50 before, but they have just dropped in price even further! We have never seen them as cheap as this, so grab them quick while you can!

It's well worth stocking up now for the kids school supplies as these are a really popular brand, and have never been this cheap. We've been told that in stores they are still £7.50, so this reduction seems to be only online at Tesco Direct.

As these are permanent markers they definitely need to be kept away from younger children, but for crafting, schoolwork, and even labelling uniform these are perfect, and great value for money at this price.

Click and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £3.


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  • Chloe D.

    I got some for Christmas too xx

    • Kim L.

      They are awesome. Will get some xx

      • Sylv M.

        Thank you, I've just ordered some :blush::blush:

        • Trish P.

          Thanks xxx I got a pack like this the other day for £6:99 Mmmm was it b&m or somewhere like that xx

          • Rebecca M.

            Thank you I got some :heart_eyes: have to collect tomorrow xxxxx

            • Jen S.

              Wow!!! Thank you!! I just bought a 23 pack for 9.99 on amazing but have bought 2 of these for the older girls from santa!! Amazing price!! Xxx

              • Lara M.

                I'll show him them that's really good

                • Cheryl D.

                  Why would you need so many permanent markers?:joy:

                  • Domonie M.

                    Bought a massive pack last xmas but still only using one colour!! X

                    • Kim S.

                      Love sharpies! I have this set and paid a lot more!

                      • Anne M.

                        Getting them in tesco for £7.50 also x

                        • Debbie B.

                          Grrrr I bought mine a couple weeks ago x

                          • Michelle F.

                            Had problems logging in to Tesco, but eventually got them Thank you x

                            • Abi B.

                              I've got the whole pack and just use the black!

                              • Sammi G.

                                Wow that is sooooooo cheap!!! Nuts! I've got loads of sharpies!! :kissing_heart: xxxx

                                • Tracey J.

                                  Saw them yesterday.. sold out already!!

                                  • Emma S.

                                    I've just bought two sets?

                                    • Tracey J.

                                      got some now...thanks xx

                                    • Gemma M.

                                      Oh there good paid 20 quid for stablos :punch_tone2: might get her them xxxxx

                                      • Hayley G.

                                        No way gonna have to get these x

                                        • Charlotte T.

                                          That's alot off sharpies !!!:relaxed:

                                          • Charlotte T.

                                            Yeh very good and I do love sharpies :heart:️xx