10kg Bag Of Badshah Basmati Rice £8 @ Asda

14 June 2012

If you get yourself over to Asda you can pick up a 10kg bag of Badshah Basmati rice for just £8; I've just compared with Tesco and they're selling it for £10.95.

I don't know what it's like in your household but assuming it's similar to mine (with two always-ravenous teenagers in the house) you'll be getting through vast quantities of rice.

I don't eat white rice, only brown as it's much better for you you know, but my mum has always traditionally used Basmati rice and because it's always curry in her house on a Friday the kids, over the years, have fallen under the Basmati spell.

In the grand scheme of things rice isn't massively expensive but you can still save yourself some cash by buying things that you'll always use, and which have a very long shelf life, by buying them in larger quantities.

Buying rice 2kgs at a time is costing you almost 40 pence per kilo more than if you buy it 10kgs at a time - there is a huge 10kg bag of basmati rice in my kitchen cupboard and it'll take the teenagers an AGE to get through.

If only the same thing applied to petrol - it doesn't seem to matter how much I can squeeze into the tank it still goes down just as fast *scowl*  But that's a whole other rant/deal post!

Thanks to Roba at HUKD

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