Workshop Wednesday: Crafty Totem Poles

4 September 2013

One of our outings over the summer holidays was to our local Sculpture Park, where the children found loads of sculptures they loved. A favourite was the totem pole on the left in the image above, so we decided to 'recreate' it, in 3 year old fashion.

You'll need:

  • coloured strips of paper
  • varying art bits - stickers, glitter, stamps, paint
  • Cellotape

I have a pad of coloured squares, I'm not sure where they were from, but you can use any paper, and cut it into large strips.

I laid out the strips with the different craft implements and let my daughter decide how and what to use with which colours.

Once she'd crafted each of the 'bricks' for the totem pole, I cut strips of Cellotape, and helped her tape the ends together making a circle.

Since some of the circles were different sizes, depending on whether she'd overlapped the ends or not, they didn't all fit perfectly, so on the Cellotaped sides, we stuck more Cellotape, to hold the rings together.

You'll also find if you use stickers or jewelled stones you need  to keep them lower down the pole, to ground it, and prevent it from toppling over.

My girls enjoy doing crafts, and they seem to really enjoy taking their inspiration from what's around us and the things we do, but what on earth am I meant to do with all these craft projects! Where do you keep your arty-facts?

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