Woodcraft Creation Kits From £2.99 @ Amazon

6 December 2012

If you're looking for some arty crafty stocking fillers that suit both boys and girls then take a look at these Woodcraft Creation kits - there's a TON of them (well, a fair few anyway) and most of them are between £2.99 and £4.99.

Apparently, they're always this price - so not technically a deal - but the poster over at HUKD has this to say about them:

Time to post the wooden construction animal toys again! Kids got these in their stockings last year and i had 20 mins of quietness from them. Got to be worth £2.99. These really are good...I've ordered mine for this year!

I absolutely ADORE the owl - I think I want one of him, for ME - and I'm going to order the T-Rex one for Edward as he's going through a bit of a dinosaur phase at the moment, following a half-term trip to the Natural History Museum.

There's a rather cute squirrel. I'm quite taken with the angel fish too (hmmm, owl of angel fish..?  It's still the owl), there's a Formula One car, a jeep, a Chinese dragon (although he's more expensive at £9.99), a swan, a horse, a Stegosauraus, a drum kit - the list goes on and on!

There has to be a model here for almost everyone and would, I'm sure, make a nice little project to get lost in after Christmas lunch.

Thanks to OldSkinFlint at HUKD

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