Water Magic Book £2.40 @ Amazon

Water Magic Book £2.40 @ Amazon


The magical Water Magic Farm book from Galt is £2.40 instead of £4.99, making a 52% discount.

I have a photograph hidden somewhere far away of my sister and I aged around 4 sitting in the rain colouring 'magic' books using the rain water. The water would make full colour pictures appear on the page, and we simply loved it. My memory gets a bit, well, watery there, because I can't remember whether they were single use or not, but these Water Magic pages from Galt are not.

Farm - Water Magic is a six-paged, thick-board book which comes with a water pen. The pen is filled with water, magical water, of course, and run over the pages and just like that, farm-inspired pictures appear. A few minutes later, the magic, I mean water, wears off, and the image disappears, ready to be "drawn" again.

There are great reviews for this product too, for a child with limited use in his arms and hands, and for 3½ year olds. There was another reviewer that said that her son hadn't mastered how to hold a pen and as such was scratching chunks off the page with his pen, but I must say that seems more down to the child than a problem with the product – especially as some of the other reviewers have gone back to buy more.


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