Tub Of 5000 Black, White, Silver And Gold Hama Beads £6.99 @ Play

Play are selling this tub of 5000 black, white, gold and silver Hama beads for £6.99, rather than the full £11.50 price, there are 100 white flower beads in the tub too.

If you're into Hama beads, what do you ask other people to find out whether they are too?  "Hi, do you Hama?" and if you decide you're going to make something with your Hama beads do you jump up and declare, "STOP! Hama time!" (<----- I'm in that sort of mood this morning and will have the dulcit tones of MC Hammer in my head all day now!)

The whole Hama bead craze has come too late for me to know much about it; I do know that if my daughter was 10 years younger she would have been Hama bead MAD and there'd be hundred and thousands of Hama bead creations all around the house (not to mention lots of loose ones hiding under the sofas and between the cushions!).

Now I know the item heading for the link I've given you says this is a tub of 5000 pink Hama beads, but it's not - it's the black, white, silver and gold tub.

There's no delivery to pay with Play either, so it's just £6.99 for your tub of 5000 Hama beads; HAMA TIME!

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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  • rpoynter
    Great deal

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