Real Construction Dinosaur Set £14.99 @ Argos

Real Construction Dinosaur Set £14.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Real Construction Dinosaur set for £14.99, rather than its usual £39.99.

Well, that's my youngest son's 6th birthday present sorted out! It's not until July but I'm getting rather used to buying things as I find them in the line of PlayPennies duty - I bought one of his Christmas presents in July because of a deal I wrote about.

He's going through a dinosaur phase, which makes a refreshing change from everything LEGO Star Wars (much as I love LEGO Star Wars, there are limits), so this Real Construction Dinosaur set looks right up his prehistoric alley.

The Real Construction Dinosaur set comes with everything you need to make a 76cm tall T-Rex and a Pterodactyl with a 76cm wingspan - which is going to seem HUGE when you're only little.

Two hundred and ten pieces make up the entire set of which some are pre-cut, to make things easier for you, but for the rest you've got some work to do (as a parent/child team) to build your dinosaurs - two saws, a large hammer, screwdriver, hole cutter, hinges and nails are all included to enable you to get the job done.

The recommended lower age limit for the Real Construction Dinosaur set is six years old and is available for both free in-store collection and home delivery, which cost you an additional £5.95.

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