Play Doh Activity World £8.99 @ Home Bargains

Play Doh Activity World £8.99 @ Home Bargains

playDohActivityWorldHome Bargains are selling this Play Doh Activity World set for £8.99.

"So what?!" I hear you ask.

Well, Argos are selling the very same set for £20.99 and Amazon for £27.99 - so it definitely qualifies as a bargain over at Home Bargains.

I don't DO Play Doh.

The very thought of it fills me with me horror and, as a result, all my children have had Play Doh deprived childhoods.

It's my pre-school friend Tanya's fault!

I went round there to play one day,we cracked open the Play Doh and were less careful than we should have been.  It got stuck into the carpet and her mum was beyond cross, I didn't want to go and play at Tanya's house ever again.

However, if you're not Play Doh phobic like me then this would make a lovely little pressie for your child(ren).

The Play Doh Activity World can store five Play Doh pots and comes with eight of them in different colours (shudder).

It also comes with more than 30 accessories for some serious Play Doh creating, including extruders, shapemakers, plungers, cutters, rollers, scissors, trimmer knife and two playmats.

Delivery from Home Bargains will cost you and additional £2.99, but in the grand scheme of what you'll pay for this Play Doh Activity World, that's hardly worth worrying about.

Thanks to myflumps at HUKD


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