Photobox Discount Code: 40% Off Acrylic Prints

Photobox Discount Code: 40% Off Acrylic Prints


Right, you've got until Sunday to use this Photobox Discount Code and get 40% off acrylic prints.

  • Discount: 40%
  • Discount Code: EARLYAP
  • Applies to: Acrylic prints
  • Expires: Midnight Sunday 31 October (don't forget to put your clocks back Saturday night!)

Click HERE to go over to Photobox

I haven't found the right photograph for an acrylic print yet, but I'm itching to get some printed, I think they look ACE!

Ordinarily acrylic prints aren't cheap but they'd make a GREAT extra special pressie for Christmas, so hopefully this Photobox discount code giving 40% off should help soften the blow a little bit.

Choose your photograph, send it off to Photobox and they'll print it on 220gsm paper which is then encassed in 6mm of 'diamond polished' acrylic. You secure your piece of art to the wall with aluminium fixings which makes it sit proud of the wall.

Acrylic prints have to be the easiest of all 'framed' photographs to look after and you can hang them anywhere, including the kitchen and bathroom which you can't do with canvas prints.

The production time for acrylic prints is 12 days and sizes start at 11.8" x 7.9 and go all the way up to 43.4" x 18.5" - be aware that you'll lose 10mm from each edge of the photograph you choose, so be careful with the image you use.

Don't forget to add the 40% Photobox discount code when you checkout, otherwise you'll end up paying full price and I don't want that!


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