Paperoni Deluxe Studio £9.97 @ Tesco Direct

27 July 2010

paperoni Day two of the summer holidays - how's it going so far? Longing for the beginning of September already? The weather isn't exactly cooperating so if you're already running out of indoor activities, this Paperoni Deluxe Studio arty crafty set could come to your rescue.

This is the sort of thing that will keep kids amused for hours (just ignore that you might be finding Paperoni bits in the most obscure places for days, even weeks to come).

Basically you create cute little characters from 'Paperoni' - think paper macaroni! Can you picture that?

Tesco Direct have reduced this Paperoni Deluxe Studio from £19.97 down to £9.97, and for that £9.97 you get 650 Paperoni sticks (or straws if you prefer), bendy legs, 2 3D moulds, 2 2D templates, tweezers and other bits and pieces like stick-on eyes.

I particularly like things like this because they don't eat batteries for breakfast, there are no flashing lights of bells and whistles and it relies purely on the imagination and creative flair of your child.

Give them arty and crafty things to play with and they'll create some amazing things and all the while they're engrossed, you won't hear a whisper of the words 'I'm bored'.

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