Moon Dough Messy Play

26 June 2013

We were looking forward to the supermoon this weekend, and were frustrated beyond belief that the cloud cover prevented us from seeing anything. In preparation for the super moon though, we've being crafting and having fun with all things 'moon'.

This particular craft was Pinterest inspired, although looking for it now, I can't find it now, and what I am finding is bubble dough, cloud dough, and moon sand. Really, it's all variants on the same thing - this dough is made up of corn flour and shaving cream and a few drops of food colouring, but I did find another recipe that substitutes shaving cream with dish washing liquid. The result is soft, smooth, powder - yet - dough like substance.

It's really simple, actually. 

I used a cup of corn flour (corn starch) and a cup of shaving foam, and stirred them together.

It's quite hard to say exactly how much you need, but what you need is a texture that is moldable, but not crumbly, pliable and not wet. You'll know it when you feel it.You don't have to worry too much about the kids eating it either. My 15 month old took one taste and changed her mind going forward. It tastes vile, but smells like daddy - the shaving cream bit, that is.I separated the dough into two, and worked some glitter into one part, and the kids had loads of fun. They used it as play dough for a while, then it turned into snow for the trains to drive through, then made shapes and then built body armour for Eeyore.

After about 90 minutes of play, the living room floor was a sight to behold, but this stuff does hoover up a lot more easily than play dough does.

I am not sure yet how long it will last, but so far so good!

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