Mister Maker Craft Case £2.99 @ Home Bargains

9 May 2015

Mister Maker Craft Case

Here's a nifty buy for a rainy day - this Mister Maker Craft Case is just £2.99 at Home Bargains right now.

My kids have always loved watching Mister Maker on TV, and they're forever asking if they can wallpaper the living room with toilet roll, or some such crazy craft activity after watching it. I invariably fob them off with excuses about how we're fresh out of googly eyes, glitter glue and fluffy pom-poms or whatever it is that they need in order to recreate the masterpieces they've seen on Mister Maker. But now I've no excuse.

This craft set is suitable for children aged three years and older, and it all comes housed in a handy storage box. Inside you'll find everything from colourful straws of varying sizes, and feathers, to sparkledust (Goodness only knows what that is), pipe-cleaners, brightly-coloured lolly sticks,gold and silver glitter glue, googly eyes, neon laces, PVA glue and scissors.

Just don't think about how much mess there'll be for you to clear up once your little crafters have had their fun.

Home delivery on this item is £3.49.

With thanks to yello2 @HUKD.

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