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The Land of Me

The Land of Me is a simply superb educational computer game and activity package for children aged 2 – 6 and apart from offering new users two free ‘chapters’, Made in Me have offered PlayPennies readers a 10% discount. They are also currently offering a free 7-day trial on the whole program.

Be enchanted by the Land of Me

  • Discount: 10%
  • Valid For: Game chapters, but not for activity books.
  • Valid Until: 26 June 2011
  • Code: PlayPennies

The Land of Me is an amazing game for children, that encourages movement, creativity, interaction, fun and learning. The characters are adorable and easy to fall in love with, and I could honestly rave on about it all night – in fact I did when I reviewed it.

Apart from this 10% discount code, The Land of Me offer the first chapter free on their website, and if you invite three friends to try the game,  you’ll be given a code  to access the second chapter free too.

That then leaves four  chapters of The Land of Me story for you to purchase at £6.95 each – a total of £27.80 – minus the discount amount of £2.78, bringing your total to £25.02.

Alternatively, you can buy the DVD Rom with all six chapters for £26.96 with the discount applied.



  • Laura
    Just checked out the website and there is no option to get the first chapter free. They do offer a free 7 day trial however which we have signed up for. Haven't tried it yet but looks very cute.
  • Luschka O.
    Hi Laura, Yip, I had an email from the in my inbox this morning saying they'd changed the free chapter to a free 7-day trial. I've asked what'll happen after the 7-day trial, but obviously have to wait till Tuesday for an answer. Will let you know! Have a look at the trial though - it's such an amazing program!
  • The C.
    [...] if you chose to buy it for yourself  before the 29th June,  there’s an exclusive PlayPennies code with which you can get £3 off) You do not have to tweet or share this competition to enter, but [...]

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