Kids Create Reward Stickers £1.13 Free Delivery @ Amazon

14 April 2014

Reward Stickers

Amazon have a great price on the Kids Create  Reward Stickers, which are just £1.13, with free delivery included. They don't seem to be reduced or anything, just at that price, which is great because you can get them on eBay for £2.29, or from Party Delights for £1.99 with £1.50 delivery, so overall, the best price for reward stickers at the moment.

Reward stickers certainly have their place in the home. They worked really well instead of treats when my oldest was toilet training, and I know some people find them really useful for creating and instigating evening routines. I'm not crazy about the idea of 'reward' charts really, but they work for some children, definitely, even if not for all. If you're after reward stickers though, these seem a great buy.

The Kids Create Reward stickers come in sheets of 10 A4 pages. This gives you over 1000 stickers, so unless you run a military house, they should last you a good long time.

Looking at the picture, there are stickers to appeal to everyone too, with animals, stars, smiley faces and more.

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