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If you're after a cook book for kids that isn't full of recipes for chicken dippers and smiley face pizzas, then you need to take a look at this Kids Cook the World recipe book - it's only £6.83 and there's nothing to pay for delivery.

Anything that gets kids into the kitchen, encourages them to take an interest in their food, and teaches them how to make things from scratch, rather than destined for a life of evil ready-meals, is a GOOD thing!

This Kids Cook the World book will do exactly that and contains recipes that not only sound YUM, but will (hopefully) spark a bit of culinary imagination and exploration away from: fish fingers, chips and beans.

To give a couple of examples, there is:

  • China - Sweet and tangy chilli beef salad
  • United States - Jambalaya
  • Philippines - Chicken and vegetable noodles
  • Iran - Kebabs
  • Morocco - Couscous with chickpeas and peppers

The list goes on and on and everything sounds super scrummy. For those who cry, "My kids won't eat THAT!" - TRY them. All of my kids have eaten away from the nuggets, burgers and pizza menu ever since they could put food in their mouths - there's no law that says kids can't eat 'interesting' (they do eat burgers and pizza too, by the way)!

Thanks to TecspecEngineer at HUKD

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