Hama Beads Construction Vehicles Set £6.95

Hama Beads Construction Vehicles Set £6.95

Amazon are selling this Hama Beads Construction Vehicles set for £6.95, its original price was £13.

I didn't know anything about Hama Beads until I did a quick bit of Googling just now - they look rather fun and like they could be quite an addictive activity.

The basic premise is you design patterns and pictures with the Hama beads and when you want to fix your design, you simply iron it and all the beads stick together.

I'm glad there are Hama Beads sets, like this Hama Beads Construction Vehicles set, suitable for boys as often times they miss out on this sort of activity - just the name 'beads' tends to be associated with girls.

Included in this Hama Beads Construction Vehicles set are two large square peg boards, 10 bead supports and a colour printed design sheet to help your youngster create their beaded construction vehicles.

There are also approximately 4,000 Hama beads, along with instructions and the ironing paper you'll need to put over the top of your beads when you iron them - otherwise can you imagine the gooey plastic all over the base of your iron!

Delivery of your Hama Beads Construction Vehicles set will be free if you choose Amazon's SuperSaver delivery option.

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