Galt Puppy Crochet Kit £4 @ The Toy Shop

galtPuppyCrochetKit I love creative things like this Galt Puppy Crochet Kit; for £4 (instead of £7) it will make for a wonderfully cheap present - cheap as in not a lot of money, rather than rubbish - whilst providing a lot of enjoyment to the lucky recipient.

Not only that, whoever you choose to buy this Galt Puppy Crochet Kit for will get the opportunity to learn a new skill, assuming they can't crochet already of course!

This kit contains everything you need to make a cuddly crocheted puppy from multi-coloured wool.

There's a step-by-step guide to follow and there's only one stitch to learn; you use double crochet stitch to create simple shapes, which are stitched together and stuffed.

Then you just finish it off with felt shapes for the ears, tail and tongue.

It's suitable for anyone eight years old or over and includes:

  • 6 balls of multi-coloured wool
  • Crochet hook
  • Toy stuffing
  • Felt pieces
  • Self-adhesive wiggly eyes
  • Bodkin
  • Step by step guide

If you've got a Toy Shop near you then you can arrange to have it delivered to the store for free, otherwise you're going to have pay £3.95 for delivery or add other things to your order to take it over £30 to qualify for free home delivery.

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