FREE Andrex Puppy Stickers

FREE Andrex Puppy Stickers


We love a good freebie at PlayPennies but we love it even more when it's something for the kids. I loved getting post as a child. It didn't matter what that post was. So, we know that kids love getting a letter delivered,  but they all love stickers too, right? What's better than getting stickers in the post when you are little? Getting FREE Andrex Puppy Stickers to your front door that's what.

How does one get their hands on FREE Andrex Puppy Stickers? It's really easy...just click the link above and fill in your details to sign up to the Andrex newsletter. Then click the bit to tell Andrex more about yourself. They just want your address and preferred retailer. You will then be sent out those cute stickers.

It looks like you get five Andrex Puppy stickers per FREE sheet. What will you do with yours? Stick them on a notebook? Let the kids stick them around the house? They will do that whether you let them or not. Whatever you do with them you can be sure to put a smile on the kids' faces with this cute, little FREEBIE.


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