ELC Alphabet And Number Sponges £3.00 each @ Mothercare

ELC Alphabet And Number Sponges £3.00 each @ Mothercare

alphabetSpongesMothercare have a rather nice arts and crafts deal going on - if you order two qualifying arty items they'll give you the cheapest one for free.

These Alphabet and Number sponges are two such qualifying items - you can tell they are because of the little 'special offer' icon - on their own they would be £6 each, but with the arty offer they now work out at £3 each.

I love things like this; such simple things can produce hours of fun AND learning at the same time.

You could use these alphabet and number sponges as dry sorting shapes, helping your child to arrange them number and alphabetical order.

You could play with them all in the bath, sticking them to the side in order or spelling out simple words like CAT, DOG, AND, GOAT - any word that doesn't require double letters (like 'letters') will be possible.

OR you could dip them in poster paint and use them as stamps, stamping out words and sums.

Lots of possibilities, lots of fun, lots of learning and all for just six of our Great British pounds with no batteries required; marvellous

Just add them both to your basket and Mothercare will sort the discount out there for you - you can read the official Mothercare terms and how it all works HERE ; home delivery is available or you can arrange to collect your alphabet and number sponges from your nearest Mothercare store.

Thanks to maddie_moo at HUKD


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