Easter Crafts From 50p @ ELC

Easter Crafts From 50p @ ELC

craftsEarly Learning Centre has a pretty fab selection of Easter Craft items to keep your little ones entertained this Easter.

While everything in the ELC Easter crafts range is listed as being suitable for an age range from 3 years old, I'm pretty sure that with supervision even younger children might enjoy some of these fabulously fun projects.

Of course, you're still going to need to have the time and patience to sit down and do the crafts, especially with younger children, but I do love having goodies on hand to keep them entertained without me having to wreck my brain trying to come up with ideas. For £14, you could actually have a project on hand twice a day for all of the Easter weekend! Especially useful if, heaven forbid, we end up with a rainy weekend.

Kits available are:

Delivery from ELC is pretty pricey at £4.50, but you can order it for in store pick up which is free.

Thanks to hillsbills at HUKD


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