Early Learning Centre: 20% Off Arts & Creativity

4 September 2010

elc The Early Learning Centre have knocked 20% off their art and creativity ranges - perfect for little ones taking their first tentative steps into the classroom!

I loved being arty and creative when I was a kid.  My most favourite thing was copying pictures out of the big Disney book that I had - in fact, I still have it!

I remember when my mum bought me first proper professional paintbrush - I fell in love with watercolour painting and wish I had the time to just sit and paint now.

I remember making models out of plasticine and Play Doh (did it smell of marzipan to you too?)  at school and wanting to bring them home straight away, rather than having to leave them on display in the classroom for a few weeks.

I also loved shading and colouring with pencils, it's less faff than painting and I also found I had more control with pencils.

My love of blank paper comes from my childhood too - there's something about clean sheets of it that just BEG you to do something with it!

There's lots of art and creativity things up for grabs with 20% off at the Early Learning Centre, I hope there's something there that triggers your creative spark.

Thanks to bundle over at HUKD!

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