Drawing, Doodling And Colouring Books For Boys And Girls £3.59 @ The Book People

The Book People have reduced the price of these Drawing, Doodling and Colouring books for Boys, and a similar version for girls, down to £3.59 instead of £9.99.


Now, you'll need to order one of these Drawing, Doodling and Colouring books TODAY if you want to pick up a copy for £3.59; the published web price is £3.99, but you can use the well-worn, tried and tested JULY2012 promotion code to whip an extra 10% off, but only for today as tomorrow is 1 August (already!).

Books like these Drawing, Doodling and Colouring books for are great for keeping tucked away for a rainy day (like today in my part of the country), for those times when you want to be engrossed in Olympic events that your youngster(s) couldn't care less about, or keeping at grandparent's houses for  artisitc amusement whilst you/they are there (you and the kids, not your parents!).

I wish I had a free delivery code for you - TBPFREECHAT was one that worked for a fair old while but may well have expired, I've already used it so it may well just have expired for me; try it and if it works for you you'll save £1.95, HURRAH! If it doesn't then nothing's been lost.

Happy drawing, doodling and colouring!

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