Download A Free Alphabet Colouring Book

11 June 2014

Colouring book My daughter is only four, but she's so into learning the alphabet at the moment, she just loves practicing her writing. This isn't that, but the letters would be fun for her to colour and I can think of a number of ways that we could incorporate this free colouring book into her learning - like choosing a letter and letting her have a 'treasure hunt' around the house or garden for other things that start with the same letter. Not my idea of entertainment, but she'd love it.

This freebie seems to be a promotion for the books 'The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Her/His Name' so if you have a fan of those, these are a double bonus.

You can choose to either download the book and print it yourself, or you can rather have it sent to you in printed form, your choice.

Thanks to VRed9632 at HUKD

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