Creativity for Kids Kit Fashion Design Studio £28.67 @ Amazon

Creativity for Kids Kit Fashion Design Studio £28.67 @ Amazon

AmazonAmazon have 30% off on the Creativity for Kids Kit Fashion Design Studio, reduced to £28.67 -  Crafts4Kids have it for £33.94 and Debenhams have it for £35.20, so not a bad price. 

I don't know about you but I'm starting to stock pile for the summer months. Everything in our area for children pretty much shuts down, and we spend a lot more time at home than normal, so having a gazillion prepared things on hand is pretty much essential for the peace and sanity in our home.

In this set you'll find a lot of bits:

  • 1x Dress mannequin
  • Sewing essentials
  • 1x Sketch book
  • 6x Yards of fabric
  • 1x Swatch booklet
  • Trims
  • Embellishments
  • 1x Satin dress form
  • 1x Garment bag
  • 1x Fashion design manual
  • 1x Embellish the dress include

It's a pretty great set, actually and if you read the reviews you'll see the recipients of it as a gift love it. I was looking for a negative review to see what the down sides are, but there weren't any. One person mentioned that it wasn't all that durable in the wrong hands, but as it's aimed at those 8 and older, it should be a great gift.


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