Crayola Super Stationery Set £10 @ Amazon

crayolaSuperStationerySet Here's another half price deal from Amazon for you; perfect for keeping kids amused on rainy days, this Crayola Super Stationery Set is £10 now instead of £19.99.

This Crayola Super Stationery contains 120 different pieces.

It comes with 24 crayons, 36 coloured pencils, 12 supertip markers that have a pointy nib so you can draw thick and thin lines, 10 twistable pencils, 24 special effect mini twistable crayons (these intrigue me, I must confess), six flip top markers and pad of white A4 paper.

If you were to buy all of these things separately it would definitely cost you more than a tenner.

The official guidelines say that it's all suitable for budding Picassos aged six years and over but with supervision, and some common sense - oh yes Health and Safety Executive,  us parents have bucket loads of that - there's no good reason why you can't buy this for younger children.

There is one review, on Amazon, for this Crayola Super Stationery Set and I think it's worthy of quoting here as her point about Crayola branded products lasting longer than cheaper alternatives is valid...

"I bought this for my 8 year old sons stocking and he has had lots of fun with it only thing i thought not for his age group was the beginners felt tips as he is more advanced. worth the value and they do last longer than non brand products."

Thanks to shadow1 at HUKD

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