Crayola Paper Fantastic £12.76 @ Amazon

27 February 2011

Crayola Paper

Create amazing honeycomb paper effects, such as 3D paper decorations, beautiful garlands, cards and more with Paper Fantastic from Amazon at £12.76, a 25% discount.

My 90-year old great-grandmother still had paper decorations in her house every Christmas, a remnant of the nursery school she ran for 40-something years. These reminded me a lot of the ones in her house.

Says an Amazon reviewer, “I never would have thought it possible to make the kind of honeycomb paper that's used for Christmas bells and garlands, but this is a clever device that helps you do it.”

According to the same reviewer, “You have to read the instructions quite carefully, but the results are wonderful, and with a bit of practice you can make all kinds of fun decorations.”

These aren't really for children though, or at least require a good amount of adult supervision. A mum who made decorations with her daughter, says: “We... found the mechanism brilliant. An otherwise difficult activity to do well was made incredibly easy and the finished results were colourful and professional looking. A great product and I recommend it to everyone.”

It sounds like a good afternoon's entertainment to me!

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