Crayola Paper Fantastic £10.50 @ Amazon

Crayola Paper Fantastic £10.50 @ Amazon

Crayola Paper

Crayola Paper Fantasticfor making honeycomb paper effects is on sale at Amazon for £10.50, 38% off from £16.99. These are currently £15.30 at Boots excluding postage, and £14.97 at Toys R Us, also excluding postage.

You can create fun honeycomb paper effects with the Crayola Paper Fantastic. The Paper Fantastic unit makes creating these complicated effects simple. Amazon says that the unit “adjusts every time you add a new piece of tissue paper so you know exactly where to glue” thereby reducing mess too.

With the 60 sheets of paper, 10 designs and 3 PipSqeak skinnes and glue it is supplied with, you can create garlands, 3D paper decorations, cards and pretty much anything else you can image.

One of the reviewers on Amazon was really impressed at being able to make Christmas bells and garlands with ease. She did say that you had to read the instructions quite carefully, but the results are “wonderful, and with a bit of practice you can make all kinds of fun decorations.”

Two of the three reviewers loved it and would recommend it to others, although young children will need help – it's aimed at 4 years and up – but the third reviewer found the paper to be very thin and the glue to not stick.

So, I guess if you get one that doesn't stick, send it back for one that does – the others seem to love it.


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