Crayola Glow Explosion Set Deals @ Home Bargains

Crayola Glow Explosion Set Deals @ Home Bargains

Home Bargains have a few deals on Crayola Glow Explosion sets at the moment; if I was 35 years younger I'd be harassing my mum for this sort of thing.

We all know the name Crayola and usually associate them with tubs of crayons on the middle of desks from our younger years in infant and primary school, at least I do - I think because that's my earliest memory of them.

Well, Crayola have moved on and diversified a bit since those days and now you can colour and create with Crayola Glow Explosion to produce works of art that glow in the dark.

I don't know what it is about things glowing in the dark that gets kids excited, but they do and these Crayola Glow Explosion sets are each quite different, so there'll be something here that will appeal to everybody.

The Crayola Glow Explosion GEAR set comprises bendy rods which you can shape into anything you wish.

The Crayola Glow Explosion SAND ART set is glow in the dark sand - simply draw a pattern, or picture, on paper with some glue, pour over the sand, shake it off and TA-DAAAA you have a glow in the dark sand picture.

There's also a Crayola Glow Explosion SAND SCULPTURE set - I think that speaks for itself, along with a set of Craoyla Glow Explosion PAINTS.

Each set is usually £5.99 and has been reduced down to £2.99, apart from the SAND ART set - that was originally £10.99 and is now £3.99.

Happy Glow Exploding!


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