Crayola Beginnings Colour Me a Song £7.49 @ Amazon

Crayola Beginnings Colour Me a Song £7.49 @ Amazon

crayola1A drawing maestro please!

I suppose this could be classed as a multi-tasking toy and I have to say I really quite like the look of it.

The concept is simple - your little one can be Beethoven and Picasso all rolled into one and 'compose' original music with their drawings as the music changes and reacts to the speed of their drawing and depending on the instruments they've chosen.

It plays four songs, there are different big band backing beats and four instrument buttons can be pressed to add more depth and create some funky music, and it also has a volume control buttong - great news for us parents!

It comes with eight triangular crayons - reviewers have said that this triangular shape makes the crayons super-easy for little hands to hold - and there's a built-in drawer that holds up to 16 of them.

crayola2What else does it come with?  A super price reduction from £19.99 to £7.49, 3 AA batteries, 3 sheets of paper (which is a bit stingy if you ask me, but I guess we can't have everything) and of course free delivery with the fabo Amazon supersaver deal.

Happy scribbling!

Thanks to cherish138 over at HUKD


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  • Tom
    This product is quite rubbish, my little one got it for christmas and if it was not for the fact we did not buy it it would have gone back.