Crayola 3-In-1 Picture Magic £8 @ Tesco

Tesco have reduced the price of this Crayola 3-in-1 Picture Magic down to £8 from £14.97.

Do you remember the Spirograph?  It was a drawing toy from yesteryear (and I'm talking about when I was a little girl, so very much yesteryear!) that had various discs with holes that you put your pencils in and then moved them round and round the frame to create amazing spiral patterns - the discs and frame slotted together like cogs and gears.

Well if you do remember the Spirograph, this Crayola 3-in-1 Picture Magic is just like that; you can also trace over stencils to reveal pictures or use the 'dial-a-pattern' templates to create your own original art work.

It's suitable for budding Picassos ages three years and over and whilst a pack of crayons is featured in the picture, I can't see anything to suggest they are actually included.

You can arrange to collect your Crayola 3-in-1 Picture Magic from your local Tesco store for free, standard home delivery will cost you £3 OR you can choose your delivery day for £5 - choices, choices hey!

Talking of choices - Amazon are also selling Crayola 3-in-1 Picture Magic sets for £8 too, in case Tesco run out of stock or you'd prefer to shop with Amazon.

Thanks to taswir 1 at HUKD

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