Chad Valley 250 Piece Super Art Set £5.49 (was £9.99) @ Argos

Chad Valley 250 Piece Super Art Set £5.49

This looks like a huge amount of art supplies in this mega art set, and it's a such a bargain price! The Chad Valley 250 Piece Super Art Set is down to just £5.49 from £9.99 at Argos, and it has enough paints, pens, pencils and more to keep budding artists happy for ages!

There's 250 pieces of art supplies in the set which comes in it's own carry case to keep everything organised. You get a mixture of oil pastels, watercolour paints, fine line markers, mini markers, chalks, pencils, paper, sharpener and paintbrushes so your kids should be all set.

This could be so handy for homework projects, crafts, making cards or just creating their own works of art at home. I'm grabbing a set ready for the kids' Christmas crafting efforts!

Reserve and collect is free, or home delivery costs £3.95.

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  • Julie E.

    oh yes they would love that

  • Tammy T.

    I'm ordering that for Harry xx

  • Karen V.

    . That should keep Emily busy for a bit

  • Stacey B.

    No way, not that many paints lol x

  • Hollie B.

    I saw those today in Wilkos x

  • Laura E.

    She would love that may go pick one up tomorro and put away for Xmas xx

  • Gina M.

    Wow, the girls would love that :heart:x

  • Anne D.

    Naw they would still fight over it!

  • Gina M.

    some serious eye rolling going on.........

  • Siobhan W.

    Ha ha nope. They would find something. I got them more wee books today.

  • May M.

    She has to much art stuff already

  • Diane H.

    Thanks but don't want that much stuff!!

  • Jodie M.

    I only buy the good colours :see_no_evil: ..crayola or bic. I love colouring xx

  • Jenna M.

    They got something like this already x

  • Karen S.

    thats great ..harry would love it x

  • Anna W.

    Wow! Plenty to play with there...

  • Fran K.

    Hopefully it will be in the 3 for 2 Argos sale on 27th x

  • Samantha W.

    Bess and Hetts would love this!

  • Tanya M.

    Will have to see about getting one xxx

  • Emma B.

    Grace would love that! Xx

  • Samantha W.

    I've ordered it! Bargain :relaxed: Thank you!

  • Claire R.

    Iv just ordered 1 for Sophie at that price am not saying no xx

  • Lauren B.

    Should order it for christmas :thumbsup:

  • Louise M.

    Reserved one to collect from cambo

  • Michelle M.

    good for the kiddies :blush:

  • Suzanne M.

    this would last A till he was 12! X

  • Robynne C.

    check size of this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: cant wait till the boys are big enough for these

  • Tessa H.

    Wow that is a massive set

  • Sarah F.

    Wow that's good x for Scarlett

  • Ashley J.

    I’m gonna get her it that looks fab x

  • Paula M.

    Michael got Katie one like this last year it's fab x

  • Kayleigh S.

    I know a little boy who would love this!

  • Amy L.

    She does love her arts and crafts does oor Lylah xxx

  • Claire L.

    Be good for the twins I thought xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Charmian G.

    I saw this earlier and was gonna get it for the girls,but too many pens haha

  • Lorna S.

    The pair of them would love this! Could put some away once opened

  • Lorr D.

    She would love this !! Xxxxx

  • Tricia H.

    I followed the link and it came up out of stock then let me order it in for 4 days time xx

  • Brett A.

    Aye she will love that xxx

  • Alisha K.

    Aww I used to love this!!

  • Becca P.

    Ordered for her birthday x thanks

  • Louise E.

    That would keep us going forever!!

  • Lucy H.

    They’d be all over the house :joy::joy:

  • Sam G.

    Noooo :joy::joy::joy: that’s huge!!

  • Cathy-Ann F.

    omg this could never ever come into my house imagine a coloured pencil was used more often and was shorter than the rest :astonished:

  • Sharon P.

    Wow that's great she will love that x

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