Chad Valley 1000 Princess Or Dinosaur Stickers £1.99 @ Argos

If you have a young sticker fan in your family you might want to head over to Argos to reserve and collect either a book of 1000 princess or dinosaur stickers for £1.99 - that works out at £0.002 at sticker!  Now tell me that's not a bargain...go on, I dare you!

My youngest niece is sticker MAD; my youngest son, Edward, is dinosaur CRAZY - so I guess that's a couple of bargain stocking fillers sorted for them.

Now, the Argos website says '100 stickers' in the titles of each web page and the sticker book covers clearly say 1000 so just let me clear up any confusion: folks over at HUKD who've bought their princess and dinosaur sticker books have confirmed that there are 1000 stickers in each; hurrah!

Not only do these 1000 princess sticker and 1000 dinosaur sticker books contain the aforementioned number of stickers, they also feature various activities such as crosswords, puzzles, wordsearches and the other usual activity book suspects.

If either of these books come back into stock for home delivery then it will be free; but for now, we're going to have to reserve our stickers books online then pop into the nearest Argos that has stock (lots of them do, all around the country) and pick them up.

Thanks to readingbrown99 at HUKD

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  • winklegirl
    I bought some of these today, and price was down to £1.79. Just be warned that most of the stickers are small (lots of dinosaur ones are approx 1cm square), but still pretty good stocking fillers for the price. They didn't have any 'princess' sticker books, but did have 'girls' stickers instead, which has a nice really range of stickers.

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