Bendaroos Creativity Centre Half Price (£10) @ Tesco

Bendaroos Creativity Centre Half Price (£10) @ Tesco

Sometimes you just get a feeling for things that are going to be a Christmas craze and will sell out fast; I think Bendaroos are going to be one of them and Tesco have reduced the price of this Bendaroo Creativity Centre by half, it's £10 instead of £20.

I tend to get most of my Christmas present shopping done early; everything for my youngest is all sorted but I keep seeing things that he'd really LOVE and it's very hard to resist getting him 'just one more thing', if I didn't have to use my hands to type this deal I'd be sitting on them to stop myself from adding this Bendaroo Creativity Centre to his present pile.

It looks rather fun, which is, of course, another reason why I'm finding it so tempting - I want to have a go at making some Benadaroos!  If you've no clue what I'm talking about then here's the Bendaroo low-down.

Bendaroos are coloured string coated in wax that you can bend and shape into 2D or 3D models or shapes.  They stick to paper, glass, plastic, and each other, they also unstick so you can use them again to make new models.

The Bendaroo Creativity Centre contains 100 Bendaroos, in 12 different colours, and a variety of tools to create all sorts of Bendaroo creations: saftey scissors, two 3D models, four shaping tools all kept neatly together within the Bendaroo Creativty Centre.

Play are currently selling for £17.49 and Amazon for £15.99 - Tesco is definitely the place to go if you want a Bendaroo Creativity Centre.

Thanks to loki187 at HUKD


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