Bendaroos Creativity Centre £7.50 @ Tesco

Bendaroos Creativity Centre £7.50 @ Tesco

I first wrote about this Bendaroos Creativity Centre back just before Christmas - it was £10 then and is back on sale now, but for £7.50 instead of £20 (sorry if you bought it at Crimbo!)

I had a really hard time not adding a Bendaroos Creativity Centre to my youngest son's ever-expanding (at the time) Christmas present pile last year, this is just the sort of fun and whacky creative, arty-fartt-crafty thing he LOVES.

I'll be honest, it's the sort of thing I loved messing around with as a child too, and still do, so I was very restrained in not buying it.  However, he's doing exceptionally well at school and in all his after school sports - cricket, football and swimming, so I'm thinking 'what the hell' and might just buy it as a well done pressie for him - thinly veiled, I know, but hey!

Bendaroos are coloured string coated in wax that you can bend and shape into 2D or 3D models or shapes.  They stick to paper, glass, plastic, and each other, they also unstick so you can use them again to make new models.

The Bendaroo Creativity Centre contains 100 Bendaroos, in 12 different colours, and a variety of tools to create all sorts of Bendaroo creations: saftey scissors, two 3D models, four shaping tools all kept neatly together within the Bendaroo Creativty Centre.

Please do all you can to collect your Bendaroo Creativity Centre in-store, because that's free and home delivery will set you back and addition fiver!

Thanks to jemmahowells at HUKD


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