Artist Watercolour Set £2.47 @ Amazon

Artist Watercolour Set £2.47 @ Amazon

If you've got a budding Picasso in your family, or you're partial to a bit of watercolour painting yourself, then you might be interested in this Artist's Watercolour set of 12 paints - it's £2.47, at the moment, rather than £7.99.

I love watercolour paintings - to buy, just to look at, and to paint for myself.  I never got to grips with oil paintings and there are few of them that I really like, so it's very safe to say I'm a watercolour girl.

They're just so easy and forgiving to work with - perfect for little ones getting to grips with something a little more sophisticated than chunky crayons or magic paint books that just require water sploshed onto the page to reveal the colour.

There are 12 colours in this Artist Watercolour set and it's received some good reviews:

I was debating whether to buy this or the more expensive Reeves set I have bought in the past. I would not hesitate in making that choice again, this is a great little paint set which lasts for ages.

This is a great item for anyone looking for good quality water color paints, ideal for a student studying art who needs great and non expensive water colour paints

Thanks to Headingly_Lad at HUKD


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